About us

A.T.C.C. Conflict Transformation – Association of Trainers and Counsellors

We are a Germany-based association of people who are professionally, locally and internationally active in educational and counselling work. The abbreviation A.T.C.C. means: approach to transform conflicts constructively.

Karen Johne (Berlin)

I am a founding member and chairperson of our A.T.C.C. association. I have been an A.T.C.C. trainer since 2009 and a teacher trainer for the trainer and counsellor training courses since 2014. As a political scientist, I am particularly interested in working with groups, activists and organisations that work for social change – locally and internationally. With my background in body-oriented trauma work, reconnecting with our bodies is important to me – especially in these times when physical contact is fraught with fear. More about me and my work: https://www.karenjohne.de

Susan Hoppert-Flaemig

I have completed the A.T.C.C. training as conflict consultant and coach in November 2020 and I am now working as a freelance consultant for constructive conflict management. I have a background in peace studies and I am passionate about working with other peacebuilders. Currently, I think a lot about what helps us get through times of crises, and how to promote peace by using our inner resources sustainably. I have lived and worked in Central America and the U.K. and I am now based in Leipzig, Germany. For more information, have a look at my website: https://www.transformconflict.de/