What characterizes CAT trainings (live)?

Our usual CAT basic training aims to strengthen NGO staff, volunteers, leaders, networks, activists and leaders of social movements to be or stay politicized and capable of action – especially in the context of shrinking spaces.

Starting with our own biographical relation towards societal changes, their effects on us and what we have made out of them, we continue to analyze the societal situation. We explore what values are violated in the given societal situation and drawing visions of our society if once this violated values will be more realized. Can we really believe in what we have envisioned? There will be also space to reflect on hopes and fears which are connected to our visions.  If we want to come closer to our vision, we need a joint understanding and forms of constructive, non-violent power as a means to change as well as the different roles to make social movement successful. Knowing in what stage our movement is, we can develop realistic goals and action steps and are aware of pitfalls regarding our concrete situations on the ground and the conditions in our organizations or groups.

Another important aspect of our CAT basic training is to reflect one’s own stress patterns and to get to know small exercises for self-care in order to better perceive and integrate individual topics (e.g. grief, anger, introjects) and to be aware of our own boundaries.

Here you can find a CAT flyer