Dear moderators,

We are very happy about your interest to moderate one of our CAT groups (after you participated in one of them) and would like to thank you for your support. We ask everyone who would like to moderate a group to contact us so that we can keep an overview, post your dates and contributions here and also know who is the contact person for which group. If you would like to moderate a group, please write to and send us your training dates and an email address. We will post it and then interested people will getting into contact with you.

Notes on the first session: It would be important for us that you refer to the preamble and also to the rules that are to be found in the guideline of the first unit.

Another hint for you: We offer support sessions, where you can discuss questions, conflicts, etc. that may have arisen during the training process. Please send us an email and we will find a date.

Guidelines for the first session (getting to know each other)

Guidelines for the second session (biography work)

Guidelines for the third session (values)

Guidelines for the fourth session (visions & myths)

Guidelines for the fifth session (power in our hands)

Guidelines for the sixth session (aims & steps)

Guidelines for the seventh session (action plan & encouragement)

Guidelines for follow-up