Thank you for your interest in our CAT online training! If you have decided to participate in one of our virtual CAT groups, you will find here materials for the individual preparation of the meetings. First of all, we would like to give you a welcome…

… and a short introduction into the CAT training concept…

… as well as another short overview on how our training is structured.

The first training session is about getting to know each other. Furthermore you will be introduced into our CAT training concept and principles by the moderator and the group will agree on framework conditions and maybe on additional ground rules for the upcoming process. Here you can read the preamble in advance.

The second training session is considering our different biographical imprints, experinces and resources with regard to cope with crisis. Here you can find the worksheet on Biography Work.

Our third training session is on values and how they are under threat in times of crisis. Please read the worksheet on values in advance and listen to the podcasts (1st is an intro into values and 2nd is an one-by-one explanation of the values):



Starting from the values under threat, you will develop and share visions in the fourth training session. For you indiviual preparation, please listen the podcast on visions and ideals

and download the worksheet on visions, ideals and goals

The fifth training session reflects on the power in our hands. Here you can find the related worksheet: Power in our hands. And as an exception there is a second worksheet for this session describing the differences between power and powerlessness.


In our sixth training session its getting to be more concrete which means, that it is about aims and steps.

In preparation for the seventh training session, we ask you to read the worksheet on resources and to do the resource work together with your partner. In addition, here you will find the worksheet for the individual task – the action plan.

As support for the implementation phase, we would like to offer you our worksheet for the follow-up.

> We ask you to use all our materials according to the Creative Commons.